Digital Twin

Intuitive access to
your product

No matter how you twist and turn it: Nothing is better than a digital twin to convince your customers. The interactive study of the details of your product will involve your customers personally. The virtual product, as if it were real, leaves a lasting impression and understanding on the user and turns it into a personal experience.

Your digital twin not only conveys the form and function of your product, it also makes all existing sales materials accessible where you want them to be.

Live Demo

Just try out the digital twin:

Unique Selling Points

Digital twin: A quantum leap to video and image.

  • Interactive:
    • View product from any perspective, rotate, zoom and move as you like
    • Start and stop all animations that are relevant for product understanding
    • Hotspots: Simply call up your texts, images, videos and links at the relevant location
  • Flexible and simple:
    • Immediately available worldwide on all devices and operating systems
    • Online and offline, without installation or plug-in
    • 3D real-time now finally also available on smartphone and tablet
    • Output also as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)


How the product presentation
of the next generation works

State-of-the-art gaming technology and our years of experience with countless industrial projects guarantee that your product will be visualized individually and to a high standard. The creation of the digital twin is uncomplicated and efficient. 3D interaction is no more expensive than conventional marketing tools, but far superior to them.


Example packages


from 1.980€

Info 1


  • Verification of your CAD data and conversion into a real-time model
  • Photorealistic appearance (common materials)
  • 3D navigation (rotate, move, zoom)
  • Mouse and touch operation
  • Your logo, title and colour scheme

from 1.980€


from 3.980€

Info 2


  • All features of the start version
  • Animation of independent linear and rotary movements
  • Hotspots on the object, each with an information board containing explanatory texts and images and calling up videos or PDFs as required.

from 3.980€

Digital twin and
Video in one

With a Govie, the symbiosis of digital twin and 3D video, you tell the story of your product, but keep the possibility to experience it interactively at any time.

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